Windows 7, putting the “Win” back into Windows

Well even though I have been converted into the “Cult of Mac”,  I still feel that I need to give credit where credit is due.  Allow me to express this joy that is Win7 in a letter format directed at Microsoft (please forgive me Apple).

Dear Microsoft,

Windows 7 is amazing!  I’ve been using it ever since the Beta, and then I switched to the RC running it in 64-bit.  My PC has never run so good!  Quicker boot times, run programs quicker, and everything works so much better!

Reflecting back to the first time I installed it on my PC, I wasn’t sure what to expect it just looked like Vista mk. II to me.  But it installed it’s self in record time!  I couldn’t believe that it installed in such little time, Installing Windows XP used to be a whole day event (if you count in driver hunting)!  But not Win7.  Once it had finished installing and booted up for the first time, I noticed something that I never thought would happen.  My resolution was already set to 1680 x 1050!  Small detail, but like I said in my last post; “It’s the little things that count”.

Next up on my list of things to do, was to go on the usual driver hunt and get all of my drivers are installed, I was slightly baffled to see that most of my drivers were already installed.  So I just continued on to play around and see how far I could get without needing to install a driver manually, I can’t say I really have yet.

Now I would like to get into the “little things”

  • First I’ll start with the start menu search! Coming from an XP user, I love the ability to search the way a Mac can! From a Mac perspective, spotlight is still better, but none the less there is a noticeable effort to improve!
  • I also like how it doesn’t notify you of every little detail, like Vista did.  Even though I skipped over Vista myself, I know a whole lot of people who use it and usually request that I fix it.  This is usually an uncomfortable experience.
  • The next feature is the drag, snap, and shake windows!  This is great, it’s just a little extra work flow to help with the simple task of resizing your windows or singling them out.
  • Next there is the little show desktop button in the bottom right, this alone is such a great and simple feature.  It really beats minimizing each individual window.
  • This next one I got beat out of knowing this one for a copy of Win7, location-aware printing. In Win7 the PC automatically detects when you’re at home and at work when you connect to the network, and automatically selects the relevant printer.  I’m pretty sure that Mac already does this, but again any step Microsoft makes toward Mac is a step toward perfection.
  • Next the “dock” as I like to call it, you can put a but of applications pined to your start menu and when there is an active program it will show up there.  Yep the big icons representing the applications might have been used by a certain other OS for a couple years, but also this dock is a bit of a one up (I’m sorry Leopard) is where you can hover over it and see what windows you have open.  This matters to me a lot because I always have tones of windows open at once doing different things, anything that will help me find the window I want is great!
  • It’s got multi-touch, I’ve only experienced this first hand once and I say meh, but good effort anyway.
  • Native iso burning, enough said.
  • These are just the highlights, there are still a couple cool little features that will still get honourable mentions.  Better dual monitor support, XP mode, ‘problem steps recorder’,  better zoom tool, a new DirectX, and a whole lot more!

Over all I really love the Windows 7 experience and I hope that Windows keeps improving, and taking strides to not be a big blue meanie, that bullies the other technologies around.



That is the end of my letter, back to blog mode. GO!

Thank you for reading (especially if you’re a Microsoft person)  I would like to hear feedback or anything you think I’ve missed, so leave me a comment.

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  • Justin Walker

    March 26, 2010, 11:30 am

    Definitely Microsoft has improved with Windows 7, just gotta add that it wouldn’t have been hard to make something better then Vista, when you set that low of a standard your bound to do better haha. But yes those little details in Window 7 have been very nice, if only Vista had never reached retail shelves.

    PS. Congrats on the new Blog Dupe wooooo, and fix the rest of your site lol

    • Dup3

      March 26, 2010, 11:36 am

      Yea, that’s why I compaired it to XP and Mac mostly. Vista doesn’t exist in my mind 😛

  • John Rockefeller

    April 9, 2010, 12:10 am

    Windows 7 is definitely the best Windows to date. Much, much better than Vista.

    I run Windows 7 on my tablet PC and Mandriva Linux on my desktop. While I still prefer Mandriva, I have to admit Windows 7 is pretty good.

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