The iPad, a Giant iPod Touch? Or a Way of the Future?

So with all this excitement of the iPad zooming around the interwebz, I figured that it is my duty as a tech lover and an Apple guy to share my opinion on this topic.

First let’s talk about what it is…

On the surface to looks like an iPod, handles like and iPod, and hell it probably smells like an iPod!

So where does all of the “hullabaloo” come from, well it’s one part Apple “fanboy-ism”, one part marketing, one part fancy super Kindle, and one part what this world needs.

The Apple Fan boys all freak out about the iPad, much the same way they would for any other word coming out of Steve Job’s mouth.  Their marketing is great, like all of their other Apple marketing.  Not to mention the free advertising with all of the hype.  It’s like that quote says

“Last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it.”
— The Wall Street Journal

So among all the hype, it also kind of seems to be like a super Kindle, I mean being completely honest here even though I prefer a real book to read, an iPad is way cooler than a Kindle…

The iPad has all of the apps and functionality that an iPod touch has, there are 3G plans, and it’s got a nice touch keyboard thing going for it.  Personally I think netbooks are silly, and that they need to either be a real laptop or something portable.  The netbooks I know of are just really gimped laptops with tiny screens that fit in a laptop bag with enough space left over for your real laptop.  This has the potential to replace paper, if it had a pen support.

The other thing that I like and don’t like about the iPad, is it really is just like a giant iPod touch, the computer part isn’t really there.  For doing everyday things like reading, and catching up on news, and watching videos, and music, and pictures, it’s great!

But those features just aren’t enough!  It’s going in the right direction but it’s just not enough.

Some things I want for the iPad:

  • I would like it to start to be a bit more like a tablet laptop, I would like it to keep it’s multi-touch functionality but I would like to gain a pressure sensitive pen.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to have Photoshop or Illustrator on an iPad?!  Yes it would be.  But it would be nice to take notes with and it would have all the benefits of a normal Tablet PC.
  • Multi-tasking, I thrive off my Mac’s Spaces and Expose features.  I need to have the ability to do a billion things at once easily, something like that would be great.
  • All around I wouldn’t mind if it were more like a Macbook Tablet than an iPad.  I really wonder why they haven’t done that yet.  I would be first in line for that one!
  • This last point isn’t really something I would change different but I really want to use the iShotty app on an iPad

So all in all I would like to close off by saying, I would love it if they released an iPad for designers and creative people.  They need to expand on this idea and push the market into the tablet laptops favour.  Tablet laptops are amazing and think of the tree’s we would save for newspapers, magazings, school papers, signing documents.  The idea of signing a document with a client and having it right there, sent over by email and kept forever in the cloud with out scanning or anything would be great.

The future of tablet laptops and cloud computing will be a bright one!

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