My Mac and Me!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been thinking and thinking about what my first real blog post with substance should be about.  Really I shouldn’t have thought that hard, because anyone who knows me could have called it would be about this topic, my beloved Mac!

Apple and Me, have a fairly short, yet long history together.  I’ve used an Apple Computer since kindergarten, they were in all the public elementary schools.  At home it was always PC, I could remember back to the sounds that Windows 98 would make.  But (at the time) a Mac was nothing more than a “Child’s Computer”, you could use Kidpix, surf the web, and that silly mouse that only had one button.  Over all it was silly.  I started off on a classic mac and worked my way to an iMac, the hardware and OS changed.  But not my respect for them.  Throughout high school I was a very die hard Windows user, lamenting every mention of a Mac, laughing at OSX from my Windows XP beast.  I had no idea how closed minded I was.  Fast-forward to College.  This was a reunion of Mac and Me at school, except this time it’s changed as much as I have. When I sat down in my Digital Design class at a new iMac G5 running OS 10.5 Leopard, it was something else! But I still wasn’t sold on them as a desktop.  Fast-forward again to my next year of college in Web Design.  I start looking into getting a laptop, so I figured why not?!  I’ll get an Apple laptop and I’ll still have my reliable PC there to back me up, the best of both worlds.  I was so right. I bought a used Macbook, a couple years old with OS 10.5 on it and even better only $500!  Well it was all up hill from there as I enjoy it’s work flow, its stability, its sleek looks, and photobooth.  Seriously, photobooth probably takes up 25% of my Mac usage.

Now that is the story that explains the How I got my Mac, now a bit into the Why I love it and why I think it is successful.

First of all, when I was on the Windows side of the fence, I never understood how anyone could justify paying so much more money for a name brand item of anything.  Like name brand clothing, or food.  You pay premium prices for fundamentally the same thing, it’s not being cheap, it’s being practical. I also never realized the power behind branding as well.  Branding is a lot like a cult, where you are joined by other people who believe the same thing is right.  It’s about a sense belonging, supporting something you think is good.  When you support it your like a part of the “tribe” and as you support it you feel like it’s supporting you back.  That is one part of branding being a part of the success.

The next part is more technical, all of the products have the same hardware. No need to worry about drivers all the time, that was my biggest gripe with Windows.  Every time I had to re-install it, driver hunting and compatibility issues.  With a Mac, I have not once had to worry about that.  Everything I do, just works!

Now keeping in mind that I do all of my buisness stuff on my mac, the other downside is gaming on a mac and how it doesn’t really exist.  This problem is quickly being fixed, with many more games being released for both Mac and PC simultaniusly.  Most importantly, Valve announcing that Steam will be coming to Mac, and any new releases will be for both the Mac and the PC.

Now here is the last point I will make in this post, “It’s the little things that count”. When on the outside you have a computer, and on the inside you have a computer, you have to take that and do something with it.  Windows is an option, Linux is an option(s), and Mac is an option.  Windows I have found to be too plain and bland, it was and will always be a start menu, a task bar, and some desktop icons.  Mac has a dock and an applications folder, and some desktop icons.  The dock is just convenient. With Windows, I’ve just never really enjoyed looking at it that much.  With the Mac, it’s sleek and customizable, and looks oh so good.  Next is work flow, when I work I have many windows open at the same time.  This is insane with Windows, but Mac fixed all of that.  I thrive off my Expose and Spaces, it’s just so perfect for me it’s just unreal. There are so many of the little features that it all really adds up in the end, one of my favourite features is when I discovered you can use dry erase markers on the outside of the Macbook!  A little tiny feature, but for that hour I spent doodling on my Mac, it was the only feature that mattered.

Over all the Apple brand is great! I love my Macbook to death and that pretty much concludes the post “My Mac and Me”  I’ll probably do a part 2 sometime, but till then Thank you for staying with me here till the end.  I hope to see you all in part 2.

Also please leave your thoughts in the comments, if you agree with something I’ve said, or disagree, or want expand-on. Please do I would love to hear from the people who read my thoughts, after I share them that is.


Web Developer and General Tech Enthusiast. Webrnetr is my personal web development brand. I am a proud Hesplerian (Cambridge) and Canadian. I develop with Wordpress and I like to play video games from time-to-time.


  • Cory Fowler

    March 25, 2010, 12:38 am

    Welcome to the Blogsphere!

    Tried Windows 7 on your Mac yet? You’d be surprised by what has changed on the Windows OS.

    • Dup3

      March 25, 2010, 12:54 am

      Thank you for the welcome! I was going to make Win7 the topic of my next post I think, I am absolutely in love with Win7 too! I wouldn’t waste hard drive space on my Mac for it though. But I totally agree, Windows is getting to a point that Mac users should feel threatened by, unfortunately it is still windows and most of the problems I’ve mentioned above still carry on, just a lot less of them. But I still love my good ol’ Macbook!

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