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Hello Everyone!

Today is Monday, it is usually perceived as the most mundane, and misunderstood day of the week. The Bangles called it “manic” and the Boomtown Rats just don’t like it, they want to shoot the whole day down.  What ever your point of view on Monday’s are I am going to throw something nice to start off your week, something inspirational in the tech world to help get you motivated at the beginning of the week.

It could be tech, design, or some nifty news (that’s kind of catchy, nifty news.) that will make your Monday’s Motivational!

Today I decided since I was just recently on a WordPress theme hunt, I would share some of my favourite WordPress blogs that I have seen.

I will start first with mine, it’s called Cleanr.   I am absolutely in love with this template!  It is so simple, and beautiful, and easily customizable.  Of the sites that I saw on the WordPress site, this is completely my favourite.  If you are just starting off with WordPress, I totally recommend this theme.

Now we get into the more professional and inspirational!


This is the studio blog by Nick La (@nickla), a Toronto based illustrator and web designer god.  When I was in College studying to become what I am today, he is basically the super man of the justice league of Web Design blogs.  He also runs Web Designer Wall, Design Jobs on the Wall, IconDock, and Best Web Gallery.  All of which are amazing!  If you don’t already frequent the site, go there now, don’t even finish reading this post, favourite it, add it to your RSS, and share it with all your design friends/colleagues.  Back to the reviewing the way the blog looks, it’s perfect.  It’s interesting, it has a lot of very friendly colours, just calming and the design just flows.  As soon as you get on the site and you see that fish your instantly hooked, and that is the key thing with the internet, if the viewer isn’t instantly hooked they are probably looking for the back button.  But this site has interesting text, illustration, and a layout that makes sense.  It also doesn’t feel like a normal website with corners and borders, it feels like this site could just flow on forever.  It’s great.


This is the personal blog of Nicolò Volpato (@nicolovolpato). A 27 year-old web designer based in Rimini, Italy. He is the founder and creative director of GNV & Partners web design studio. This blog’s design is an amazing balance of white space, black, and the little hint of colour there.  This is a really nice site to look at, the positioning of the content is interesting because it’s not your standard right-in-the-middle-here-you-go kind of blog.  Then took the white space and made it interesting with a really cool illustration.  Up in the corner he has a banner that says “I <3 Web Design.”  and it shows, oh it shows.

#3 Here is a list of templates that I liked that you too could use!

Finally this is a little off topic but I stumbled across this when I set up my Digg.  This is a way to learn the alphabet like I wish I had years ago!  It blew my mind much like ZZ Top blows the mind of these poor famous people Zombies.  Click the picture for more the rest of the alphabet, you won’t regret it!

ZZ Top Zapping Zombie

Web Developer and General Tech Enthusiast. Webrnetr is my personal web development brand. I am a proud Hesplerian (Cambridge) and Canadian. I develop with Wordpress and I like to play video games from time-to-time.


  • John Rockefeller

    April 9, 2010, 12:14 am

    Maybe I’m strange, but I love Mondays. It always marks the start of a fresh new week of possibilities.

    Good sample templates. Especially the Minimalist one.

  • Matthew Dryden

    May 7, 2010, 2:04 am

    I’m not a huge fan of Mondays, but they’re way better than Thursdays. I hate Thursdays. Of course…things have gotten a lot better now that I know about GCnC. I guess we’ll see where this takes me!

    I dig most of those themes. Customization is a MUST when you’re dealing with WordPress.

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