Mac Help

Are you having issues with programs crashing on your Mac?

Do you have a printer that you want to connect but it’s not reading?

Not sure what Mac is best for you or what peripherals you should get with it?

Did you just switch to a Mac from Windows and need help moving files and learning the basics?

Give me a call and I can get you set up. ¬†Even though I unfortunately can’t deal with Mac hardware (Apple isn’t too easy to work with for parts, etc.) I can fix any of your software issues and if you’d like I can recommend you to a good place to get your Mac fixed and I can even oversee the process if you’re not comfortable dealing with them yourself.

I also offer a retainer fee (varies per client) to answer your questions or take care of any issues that you might have by phone, email, in person, and I can request access to your computer and take direct control of your computer from where I am.