Are you using a modern browser?

If you’ve ever had an issue viewing a website it’s possible you’re using an outdated web browser. Modern browsers render a website using the current standards of code and ensure you’re experiencing the site as the developer intended. While websites will be slightly different between all browsers, we’ve seen the most issues and glitches with Internet Explorer. Microsoft doesn’t force upgrade its browser and if you’re using Windows XP you…

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Motivational Monday’s! Pretty WordPress

Hello Everyone! Today is Monday, it is usually perceived as the most mundane, and misunderstood day of the week. The Bangles called it “manic” and the Boomtown Rats just don’t like it, they want to shoot the whole day down.  What ever your point of view on Monday’s are I am going to throw something nice to start off your week, something inspirational in the tech world to help get…

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